Stay Close to Number 1: Another Netflix hit inspired by Harlan Coben

Stay Close to Number 1: Another Netflix hit inspired by Harlan Coben
British miniseries Stay Close is another title included in the five-year contract between Netflix and the famous mystery novel writer.

Coben is no stranger to adaptations of his books. The first movie based on one of Coben's books was the French-language film Tell No One. Coben's 2003 book No Second Chance became the basis for the 2015 French miniseries of the same name. Two years later the same happened to Just One Look. Coben also created the French-British crime drama television show Safe, which premiered on Netflix in 190 countries in May 2018. Two months later he signed a five-year contract to adapt 14 of his novels into Netflix movies or shows. How do you adapt 14 books in five years? Easily, Netflix already made the British miniseries The Stranger (January 2020), the Polish miniseries The Woods (June 2020), the Spanish miniseries The Innocent (April 2021), or the French miniseries Gone for Good (August 2021). Stay Close, released on 31st December of 2021, is just another one in line.

Stay Close was on a steady rise this week, reaching number one post in 26 markets and jumping into the global top spot, just edging out The Witcher. All the episodes were released simultaneously which allowed people to binge-watch them. Word of mouth then traveled fast and Stay Close gathered more and more fans hungry for a good mystery. Is there anything that could knock it over in the following days? Our bet is on the third season of Too Hot To Handle, but the adult audience will more likely fall for the upcoming season of Ozark, premiering on January 21st.

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