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Trending on Netflix

We offer a wide range of movie data analytics with a focus on OTT Insights and VOD charts. A wide range of our data sets could be used for data-science, movie data analysis or to build an OTT dashboard out of film industry data.

About Trending on Netflix

What are the most popular movie and TV shows right now on Netflix? Netflix provides what is trending with the movie charts. First is Trending on Netflix, which is a popularity list of the most popular titles right now and it’s ever-changing during the day. Then, there is the TOP 10 feature, which shows you the movie chart for the whole day and it changes once a day. We at FlixPatrol, a movie analytics company, watch Netflix TOP 10 in almost 100 countries around the world and provide streaming statistics and data for everyone interested in big data reports to see what’s trending and popular. You can use this instead of Trending on Netflix and know what to watch or what to produce. See all the reports or contact us for more detailed reports or API import and export options.

FlixPatrol Products

Streaming charts

Daily-updated TOP 10 charts from major streaming services all around the world.

Global Popularity

Compiled VOD worldwide charts showing the overall popularity for Movies and TV Shows.

Streaming calendar

Release VOD calendar for major OTT services focusing on the original programming.

Streaming preferences

Calculated user preferences from VOD charts showing the most popular titles by genre, production company or country of origin.

Social Media Popularity

The most popular and trending movies and TV shows on major social platforms around the world.

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More from FlixPatrol

Movie Analytics

Looking for a movie analytics company? How about the company which has big data for more than 10,000 current movies and TV shows like streaming ratings, social media popularity, movie charts from iTunes, Netflix TOP 10 or the most popular movies on HBO or Disney+? We have a big data warehouse for all possible film industry statistics for all major streaming companies. We cooperate with major Hollywood companies with our big data endpoints and provide the film industry with streaming analytics and statistics. If you are interested like other players to have Hollywood big data in your data warehouse, just let us know how we, as a movie analytics company, can set up your data dashboard.

Movie Charts

Major streaming services do not provide streaming ratings and streaming statistics, but they all have popularity charts for movies and TV shows. iTunes Movie Charts will show you the most popular titles in almost 100 countries, Google Play Charts have similar coverage. Netflix has TOP 10 charts for movies and TV shows, Disney+ has a row of trending titles. HBO MAX & GO also have movie and TV popularity charts, Amazon Charts are based on Bestsellers charts. We do provide movie charts for more than 300 individual streaming charts with popularity rankings. Check the daily, weekly or monthly reports or get in contact with us about the API to deliver the data from movie charts to your dashboard.

Streaming Ratings

In a world where TV ratings are the official daily breakfast and box office reports are the must-have dinner, how do you measure streaming ratings? There are no official streaming ratings from streaming providers, but with FlixPatrol data, you can be as close as possible. We provide daily charts of the most popular movies and TV shows on major streaming services like Netflix, HBO, or Disney+ in more than 100 countries worldwide. These streaming charts are available in daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly reports. You can see the streaming ratings based on our popularity points and combined with other metrics like social media popularity or trailer views. Check out the reports or let us know if you want to have these streaming ratings in your business intelligence system via our API.

VOD charts

VOD or Video On Demand is the distribution model for the future and everyone is creating content for VOD distribution. But what is the most popular on-demand content on VOD platforms like Netflix, HBO, or Disney+ right now? We have detailed VOD charts for more than 300 VOD services in more than 100 countries around the world. These VOD analytics could provide you detailed VOD reports about daily, weekly, monthly or yearly popularity and could be used for VOD analysis where no detailed streaming statistics are published. See the detailed list of all VOD platforms and availability on most of the VOD markets. If you are interested in more detailed streaming analytics, leave us a message.

FlixPatrol provides VOD charts and streaming ratings worldwide. You can find here all the Netflix charts (Netflix TOP 10 or what is Trending on Netflix), iTunes charts, Amazon Prime charts and HBO charts. These movie charts are based on the official trending or the most popular movies on VOD. We cover the most-watched movies and the most popular TV shows in 2021. FlixPatrol also offers selected movie analytics for movies everyone’s watching or VOD release dates. TOP 10 lists are updated daily.
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