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Navalny Similar Movies

Movie | United States | 04/08/2022 | Documentary | Politics
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Follows the man who survived an assassination attempt by poisoning with a lethal nerve agent in August 2020. During his months-long recovery, he makes shocking discoveries about the attempt on his life and decides to return home.
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Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

Movie | United Kingdom | 10/09/2015 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
A documentary on the unrest in Ukraine during 2013 and 2014, as student demonstrations supporting European integration grew into a violent revolution calling for the resignation of President Viktor F. Yanukovich.

Knock Down the House

Movie | United States | 01/27/2019 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
A young bartender in the Bronx, a coal miner's daughter in West Virginia, a grieving mother in Nevada, and a registered nurse in Missouri build a movement of insurgent candidates to challenge powerful incumbents in Congress. One of their races will become the most shocking political upsets in recent American history.


Movie | United States | 05/06/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
Join former first lady Michelle Obama in an intimate documentary looking at her life, hopes and connection with others as she tours with Becoming.

One Child Nation

Movie | United States | 03/29/2019 | Amazon | Documentary | Politics
Through interviews with both victims and instigators, Nanfu Wang, a first-time mother, breaks open decades of silence on a vast, unprecedented social experiment that shaped — and destroyed — countless lives in China.

The Swamp

Movie | United States | 08/04/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
A look behind the curtain of Washington politics following three renegade Republican Congressmen as they bring libertarian and conservative zeal to champion the President’s call to “drain the swamp.”

Right America: Feeling Wronged

Movie | United States | 02/15/2009 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
HBO documentary about interviews with conservatives in America regarding their opinion about Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign and election.

Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections

Movie | United States | 03/26/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
In advance of the 2020 Presidential election, Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections takes a deep dive into the weaknesses of today's election technology, investigating the startling vulnerabilities in America's voting systems and the alarming risks they pose to our democracy.

Matrix AB

Movie | Czech Republic | 10/29/2015 | Documentary | Politics

Hledá se prezident

Movie | Czech Republic | 03/21/2013 | Documentary | Politics

Občan Havel

Movie | Czech Republic | 01/31/2008 | Documentary | Politics

Under the Sun

Movie | Czech Republic | 03/10/2016 | Documentary | Politics
Over the course of one year, this film follows the life of an ordinary Pyongyang family whose daughter was chosen to take part in one of the famous Korean \Spartakiads\. The ritualized explosions of color and joy contrast sharply with pale everyday reality, which is not particularly terrible, but rather quite surreal, like a typical life as seen \through the looking glass\.

The Jump

Movie | Lithuania | 10/09/2020 | Documentary | Politics
In the Cold War years of the 1970s, an American patrol boat meets a Soviet ship off the east coast of the United States for talks about fishing rights in the Atlantic. In the midst of this, while Russian commanders are aboard the U.S. Coast Guard vessel where the talks are being held, a Lithuanian sailor jumps across the ten feet of icy water separating the boats. Crash-landing on the deck of the American ship, he desperately begs for asylum. Though they try, the Americans ultimately fail to provide protection and the Soviets are allowed to capture him and brutally return him to their vessel. Thus begins a stranger-than-fiction story of imprisonment, discovery, fame, and freedom. Through rare archival footage and a dramatic first-person re-enactment of that fateful day by Simas Kudirka, the would-be defector himself, this tale of one of the biggest Cold War muddles takes us on a journey of uncanny twists of fate, and the emotional sacrifices of becoming a universal symbol of freedom.


Movie | Czech Republic | 05/15/2014 | Documentary | Politics

Czech Peace

Movie | Czech Republic | 05/06/2010 | Documentary | Politics
From the makers of legendary CZECH DREAM, a hilarious documentary about a hoax hypermarket, comes CZECH PEACE, a new playfully explosive flm about the mayor of a small Czech village and his attempts to foil the American plan to build its 762nd military base right on his doorstep. The players in this story are everyone from villagers to George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Barack Obama, peace activists and lobbyists representing American arms manufacturers. Can the Mayor of Trokavec (population 80) take the US on? CZECH PEACE shows the workings of geopolitics and the way they affect the little people. The personal clashes with the impersonal, the specifc with the universal, and an individual with the so-called great history.

Kupředu levá, kupředu pravá

Movie | Czech Republic | 01/01/2006 | Documentary | Politics

Hry prachu

Movie | Czech Republic | 10/17/2002 | Documentary | Politics

Four Hours at the Capitol

Movie | United States | 10/20/2021 | HBO Max | Documentary | Politics
The documentary is an immersive chronicle of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2020, when thousands of American citizens from across the country gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election, many with the intent of disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Život podle Václava Havla

Movie | France | 12/01/2014 | Documentary | Politics


Movie | Slovakia | 10/12/2017 | Documentary | Politics

Gorbachev. Heaven

Movie | Latvia | 11/18/2020 | Documentary | Politics
“Gorbachev. Heaven” is a documentary film about changes that reverberated throughout the world wrought by one man. A film summing-up the life of a man who changed the world in the 20th century. Gorbachev’s short time in power was marked by the collapse of this empire. He was the architect of Glasnost and Perestroika, policies that gave the citizens of the Soviet Union – what Ronald Reagan called “the Evil Empire” – a chance to be free. He tore down the Berlin Wall. But at the same time, under his rule, the Chernobyl nuclear facility exploded and its destruction was concealed. Citizens demanding independence in the Baltic states died. Soldiers wielding shovels brutally suppressed protesters in Tbilisi. And Soviet tanks menaced, and killed, peaceful demonstrators in Baku. The Soviet empire collapsed under him – and he is condemned by his own people. With this burden of the past, this lonely old man is living the last days of his life in an empty house in the suburbs near Moscow.

Putin's Witnesses

Movie | Latvia | 11/08/2018 | Documentary | Politics
Russian Federation, December 31, 1999. After President Boris Yeltsin's unexpected resignation, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin becomes acting president of the country. From that day and for a year, Vitaly Mansky's camera documented Putin's rise to power. The story of a privileged witness. The harsh explanation of the reason why politics is the art of possibility of achieving the best with the support of many, but also of giving the worst in return.

Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres

Movie | United States | 06/13/2018 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
A look back on the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres, who served as prime minister of Israel twice and negotiated the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty.

The Martha Mitchell Effect

Movie | United States | 01/22/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
She was once as famous as Jackie O — and then she tried to take down a President. Martha Mitchell was the unlikeliest of whistleblowers: a Republican wife who was discredited by Nixon to keep her quiet. Until now.

John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Movie | United States | 05/28/2018 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
In-depth look at the life of John McCain, from his time as a POW in Vietnam to his three decades of service in the US Senate.

The Forever Prisoner

Movie | United States | 12/03/2021 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
The chilling story of Abu Zubaydah, the first high-value detainee subjected to the CIA’s program of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, later identified as torture by those outside the agency. Having never been charged with a crime or allowed to challenge his detention, Zubaydah remains imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay in Kafkaesque limbo, in direct contravention of America’s own ideals of justice and due process.

Cuba and the Cameraman

Movie | United States | 09/08/2017 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
This revealing portrait of Cuba follows the lives of Fidel Castro and three Cuban families affected by his policies over the last four decades.

537 Votes

Movie | United States | 10/21/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
Documentary chronicling the political machinations that led to the unprecedented, contested outcome of the 2000 presidential election, including the chaotic voter recount in Florida that ended with George W. Bush winning by a razor-thin margin.

The Perfect Weapon

Movie | United States | 10/16/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
Explore the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. As fear mounts about how potential cyberattacks will affect 2020 elections in the U.S., the film features interviews with top military, intelligence and political officials and includes on-the-ground reporting from the frontlines of the cyber wars.

El Pepe, A Supreme Life

Movie | Argentina | 10/13/2019 | Netflix | Documentary | Politics
El Pepe, una vida suprema is a documentary on the life of Uruguayan politician and former guerrilla fighter José Mujica,

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Movie | Slovenia | 05/05/2016 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
The cold war, the space race, and NASA’s moon landing are landmark events that defined an era. But they are also fodder for conspiracy theories.\r In Houston, We Have a Problem! filmmaker Žiga Virc adds new material to the discussion on both fronts. This intriguing docu-fiction explores the myth of the secret multi-billion-dollar deal behind America’s purchase of Yugoslavia’s clandestine space program in the early 1960s.

The Tinder Swindler

Movie | United States | 02/02/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Crime
Posing as a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul, an Israeli conman wooed women online then conned them out of millions of dollars. Now some victims plan for payback.

An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th

Movie | United States | 04/16/2024 | HBO | Documentary | Society
This documentary looks at the surge in political violence through the story of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, showing the roots of anti-government sentiment and its reverberations today, along with the emotionally charged warnings of those who suffered tragic losses in the deadliest homegrown attack in U.S. history.

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived

Movie | United States | 11/16/2023 | HBO | Documentary | Disability
As Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double in the Harry Potter films, David Holmes’ work has been seen worldwide by millions of people. Tragically an on-set accident ended what David calls “the best job in the world,” leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Like the on-screen character he helped bring to life, David is determined to continue seeking adventure and living life to the fullest despite mounting obstacles.

The Social Dilemma

Movie | United States | 09/09/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

Girl in the Picture

Movie | United States | 07/06/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Crime
A young mother’s mysterious death and her son’s subsequent kidnapping blow open a decades-long mystery about the woman’s true identity, and the murderous federal fugitive at the center of it all.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

Movie | United States | 09/30/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Crime
Using raw, firsthand footage, this documentary examines the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her children, and the terrible events that followed.
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