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TV Show | 07/04/2021
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Taking place several years after Getter Robo Go, Earth is now a post-apocalyptic world. Hayato, now an aging scientist, has completed Professor Saotome's masterpiece, Getter Robo Arc. Piloting it are Ryoma's son Takuma, the human-dinosaur Kamui, and the younger brother of Tayel, Baku. Alongside the reformed Dinosaur Empire, they fight the insectoid Andromeda Flow Country attacking from across time and space.
Yuma Uchida, Arihiro Mukaino, Kazuhiro Sunseki, Naoya Uchida, Hideo Ishikawa, Kiyoyuki Yanada, Nozomu Sasaki
Jun Kawagoe
rotten tomatoes

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Getter Robo Arc on Amazon

Japan 第2話 運命の子ら Stream on Amazon
Japan 第4話 美しい夜に Stream on Amazon
Japan 第9話 突入!! Stream on Amazon
Japan 第10話 異星の聖戦 Stream on Amazon
Japan 第11話 宿願 Stream on Amazon
Japan 第13話 果てしなき戦い Stream on Amazon

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