Almost Famous
Almost Famous

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Movie | United States | 09/15/2000 | Drama | Music
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Almost Famous is an autobiographical inspired film about a 15-year-old who is hired by Rolling Stone magazine to follow and interview a rock band during their tour. A film about growing up, first love, disappointment, and the life of a rock star.
Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Patrick Fugit, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Paquin, Noah Taylor, Frances McDormand
Cameron Crowe
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Movie | United States | 05/16/2015 | HBO | Drama | Music
The story of legendary blues performer, Bessie Smith, who rose to fame during the 1920s and '30s.

A Star is Born

Movie | United States | 05/16/2018 | Drama | Music
A movie star helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.


Movie | United States | 10/10/2014 | Drama | Music
Under the direction of a ruthless instructor, a talented young drummer begins to pursue perfection at any cost, even his humanity.

Danny Collins

Movie | United States | 03/20/2015 | Drama | Music
An ageing rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year-old letter written to him by John Lennon.

8 Mile

Movie | United States | 11/08/2002 | Drama | Music
The setting is Detroit in 1995. The city is divided by 8 Mile, a road that splits the town in half along racial lines. A young white rapper, Jimmy \B-Rabbit\ Smith Jr summons strength within himself to cross over these arbitrary boundaries to fulfill his dream of success in hip hop. With future and the three one third all he has to do is not choke.

Don't Stop

Movie | Czech Republic | 06/14/2012 | Drama | Music
Prague, 1983. The communist regime, in a suffocating atmosphere ruled over by the secret police, imposes \normalization\. Miki and David need some kind of motivation to carry on in the communist wasteland. They discover The Clash's album 'London Calling' and, of course, decide to set up a punk band. But playing punk during normalization in Czechoslovakia isn't the best idea, an opinion shared not only by their horrified parents. Many decisions made under the influence of cheap alcohol and compulsive music could be more fatal than they initially seemed. A story about the revolt of some 18-year-olds against authority, against social norms, against adult duties and responsibility. It is about the search for one's own models and values. Although based on personal experiences from the early 1980s, it could have taken place at any time and anywhere, and is more than likely taking place somewhere right now.

Ricki and the Flash

Movie | United States | 08/07/2015 | Drama | Music
Meryl Streep stars as Ricki Rendazzo, a guitar heroine who made a world of mistakes as she followed her dreams of rock-and-roll stardom. Returning home, Ricki gets a shot at redemption and a chance to make things right as she faces the music with her family.

Waltz for Monica

Movie | Sweden | 09/13/2013 | Drama | Music
\Monica Z\ is a biopic about the Swedish singer and actress Monica Zetterlund focusing on her journey from a job as a telephone operator in a small town in Sweden to stardom in the clubs of New York and Stockholm.

Tanec medzi črepinami

Movie | Slovakia | 06/14/2012 | Drama | Music


Movie | Slovakia | 09/20/2018 | Drama | Music
When the West Coast Crew dance troupe, led by the talented and ambitious Buddy, is selected to enter the widely broadcast “Superdance” reality TV talent show, the young dancers revel in their newfound fame and dream of their lives as winners of the prestigious contest. But as the competition begins to heat up – especially from rival dance troupe Muertas – jealousy, narcissism and interpersonal conflict threaten to break the crew apart.

Sound of Metal

Movie | Belgium | 12/04/2020 | Drama | Music
A drummer begins to lose his hearing and has to come to grips with a future that will be filled with silence.

Teen Spirit

Movie | United States | 09/07/2018 | Drama | Music
Violet, a shy teenager living on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England dreams of pop stardom and with the help of an unlikely mentor, she enters a singing competition that will test her integrity, talent and ambition.

Vox Lux

Movie | United States | 09/04/2018 | Drama | Music
Drama set between 1999 and the present day, following a young woman as she rises from tragedy to become a pop superstar.


Movie | Belgium | 05/31/2019 | Drama | Music
Tokyo. Asuka, a young cleaning lady working the night shift, is ready to pay a high price to achieve her dream of becoming a music star. She manages to perform on a TV-talent show, but all her sacrifices backfire when she is accused of murder and is forced to reveal all the details of the dark path she has followed until then.

Last Days

Movie | United States | 05/13/2005 | HBO | Drama | Music
The life and struggles of a notorious rock musician seeping into a pit of loneliness whose everyday life involves friends and family seeking financial aid and favors, inspired by rock music legend Kurt Cobain and his final hours.

The Disciple

Movie | India | 09/04/2020 | Netflix | Drama | Music
Self-doubt, sacrifice and struggle converge into an existential crisis for a devoted classical vocalist as the mastery he strives for remians elusive.


Movie | United States | 08/26/2016 | Netflix | Drama | Music
XOXO follows six strangers whose lives collide in one frenetic, dream-chasing, hopelessly romantic night.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Movie | France | 12/20/2013 | Drama | Music
In Greenwich Village in the early 1960s, gifted, but volatile musician Llewyn Davis contemplates leaving the music scene altogether to return to sea as a merchant marine after the suicide of his singing partner.


Movie | United Kingdom | 05/09/2014 | Drama | Music
Danny is obsessed with a fictional movie character action hero Jack Slater. When a magical ticket transports him into Jack's latest adventure, Danny finds himself in a world where movie magic and reality collide. Now it's up to Danny to save the life of his hero and new friend.

Get on Up

Movie | United States | 08/01/2014 | Drama | Music
A chronicle of James Browns rise from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians in history.

We Are the Best!

Movie | Denmark | 03/28/2013 | Drama | Music
Three girls in 1980s Stockholm decide to form a punk band -- despite not having any instruments and being told by everyone that punk is dead.

Battle of the Year

Movie | United States | 09/21/2013 | Drama | Music
A down-on-his-luck coach is hired to prepare a team of the best American dancers for an international tournament that attracts all the best crews from around the world, but the Americans haven't won in fifteen years.

Vier Minuten

Movie | Germany | 06/23/2006 | Drama | Music
Jenny is young. Her life is over. She killed someone. And she would do it again. When an 80-year-old piano teacher discovers the girl’s secret, her brutality and her dreams, she decides to transform her pupil into the musical wunderkind she once was.


Movie | United States | 08/28/1998 | Drama | Music
Famous '70s NYC nightclub seen and told through the eyes of a young employee.

Hilary and Jackie

Movie | United Kingdom | 12/30/1998 | Drama | Music
The tragic story of world-renowned cellist Jacqueline du Pré, as told from the point of view of her sister, flautist Hilary du Pré-Finzi.

Le roi danse

Movie | France | 04/26/2001 | Drama | Music
Louis XIV, the French sun-king has two passions, establishing absolute rule over the realm -after decades of religious/civil wars- by divine right and artistic brilliancy as a dancer

The 27 Club

Movie | United States | 04/26/2008 | Drama | Music
Eliotův (Joe Anderson) spoluhráč z rockové kapely Finn a nejlepší kamarád Tom spáchá týden po svých dvacátých sedmých narozeninách sebevraždu. Zůstane jako jediný přeživší člen jejich kapely. S pomocí maloměšťáckého kluka Three Words (David Emrich) a mladé irské stopařky cestuje zdrogovaný Eliot z LA do rodného města v Missouri, aby Tomovi splnil jeho poslední přání."

God of the Piano

Movie | Israel | 01/25/2019 | Drama | Music
Music is all she has. Anat has never been able to reach her father’s musical standards and her hope for fulfillment is dependent on the embryo that is in her womb. When the baby is born deaf she cannot accept it and takes extreme measures to ensure that her child will be the composer that her father always wanted.

Kinky Boots

Movie | United Kingdom | 10/07/2005 | Drama | Music
Charles Price may have grown up with his father in the family shoe business, but he never thought that he would take his father's place. Yet, the untimely death of his father places him in that position, only to learn that Price & Sons Shoes is failing. While in despair at his failed attempts to save the business, Charles has a chance encounter with the flamboyant drag queen cabaret singer, Lola. Her complaints about the inadequate footwear for her work combined with one of Charles' ex-employees, Lauren, leads to a suggestion to change the product to create a desperate chance to save the business: make men's fetish footwear. Lola is convinced to be their footwear designer and the transition begins. Now this disparate lot must struggle at this unorthodox idea while dealing both the prejudice of the staff, Lola's discomfort in the small town and the selfish manipulation of Charles' greedy fiancée who cannot see the greater good in Charles' dream.

To Live to Sing

Movie | China | 11/20/2019 | Drama | Music
Zhao Li manages a Sichuan Opera troupe that lives and performs together in a rundown theatre in the outskirts of Chengdu. When she receives an order of demolition, she hides the news, fearing that this could spell their end. Secretly, she wouldn’t mind stopping since their life has become harder over the years. But what else can she do? She also worries that her niece Dan Dan, their star, will leave them for a better future in the city. To keep her troupe “family” together, Zhao Li begins a search for a new theatre for them to both sing and live in. As she struggles with bureaucracy, the characters from the opera world that she uses to escape her troubles begin to seep into her real life…

Strip Search

Movie | United States | 04/27/2004 | HBO | Drama | 11 09
Strip Search follows several parallel stories examining personal freedoms vs. national security in the aftermath of 9/11; two main subplots involve an American woman detained in China and an Arab man detained in New York City.


Movie | United States | 05/19/2001 | Drama | World War II
The historical recreation of the 1942 Wannsee Conference, in which Nazi and SS leaders gathered in a Berlin suburb to discuss the \Final Solution to the Jewish Question\. Lead by SS-General Reinhard Heydrich, this group of high ranking German officials came to the historic and far reaching decision that the Jews of Europe were to be exterminated in what would come to be known as the Holocaust.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Movie | United States | 03/19/2004 | Drama | Relationship
A man, Joel Barish, heartbroken that his girlfriend Clementine underwent a procedure to erase him from her memory, decides to do the same. However, as he watches his memories of her fade away, he realizes that he still loves her, and may be too late to correct his mistake.

Cold Mountain

Movie | United States | 12/24/2003 | Drama | Civil War
In this classic story of love and devotion set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier named W.P. Inman deserts his unit and travels across the South, aiming to return to his young wife, Ada, who he left behind to tend their farm. As Inman makes his perilous journey home, Ada struggles to keep their home intact with the assistance of Ruby, a mysterious drifter sent to help her by a kindly neighbor.

The Laramie Project

Movie | United States | 01/10/2002 | HBO | Drama | Crime
\The Laramie Project\ is set in and around Laramie, Wyoming, in the aftermath of the murder of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard. To create the stage version of \The Laramie Project,\ the eight-member New York-based Tectonic Theatre Project traveled to Laramie, Wyoming, recording hours of interviews with the town's citizens over a two-year period. The film adaptation dramatizes the troupe's visit, using the actual words from the transcripts to create a portrait of a town forced to confront itself.

The Tuskegee Airmen

Movie | United States | 08/25/1995 | HBO | Drama | World War II
During the Second World War, a special project is begun by the US Army Air Corps to integrate African American pilots into the Fighter Pilot Program. Known as the \Tuskegee Airman\ for the name of the airbase at which they were trained, these men were forced to constantly endure harassement, prejudice, and much behind the scenes politics until at last they were able to prove themselves in combat.
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