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08/17/1987 (36 years old) | Le Chesnay, France | Actor | Male
Artus, whose real name is Victor Artus Solaro, is a comedian and French actor who is revealed to the general public by the program On n’demande que a la vie on France 2 between 2011 and 2014.Artus was born in August 17, 1987 in Le Chesnay, France . A small town near Montpellier , where he grew up. He then lives for several years in Switzerland, Lugano in the canton of Ticino and Montreux in the canton of Vaud. He follows technological studies kitchen and then forms at the Cours Flor.He rose to prominence by participating in the show that is n’demande laugh of Laurent Ruquier on France 2. He appeared in 86 written and interpreted skits (including 74 scored and 12 as a season 4 resident) between September 9 , 2011 and stopping the broadcast, the July 4 , 2014. He continues the passages with notes regularly exceeding 90 out of 100 points.He subsequently appeared in several television and radio shows, and continued his shows in France. In 2015, he launches his new solo stage Dont point .In the fall of 2016 , he participated in the seventh season of the show Danse avec les étoiles on TF1 , alongside dancer Marie Denigot, and finished third in the competition.In 2017, Artus staged his first piece, co-written with Romain Chevalier, Duels Davidejonatown , premiered at the theater “The Fires of the Ramp” in Paris.

Artus Top Movies and TV Shows in 2024

Chart List

Cat and Dog

Movie | France | 02/14/2024 | Family
A cat and a dog escape their cages in the airport, their owners must work together to recover their prized pets.

Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée

Movie | France | 08/09/2023 | Comedy
Sébastien, a conscientious and professional train inspector, dreams of being transferred to the South of France. To validate his transfer, he has to make one last routine run under the supervision of Madeleine, a slightly sociopathic inspector who won't let him go. That's when everything goes wrong: between a driver who thinks he's driving a fighter jet, a jealous colleague and passengers who are each crazier than the last, what was supposed to be a formality turns into the worst trip of his life.


Movie | France | 10/04/2023 | Biography | Politics
When she arrived at the Elysée Palace, Bernadette Chirac expected to finally get the place she deserved, she who had always worked in the shadow of her husband to make him president. Put aside because she was considered too old-fashioned, Bernadette decided to take her revenge by becoming a major media figure.

Natural Born Liar

Movie | France | 07/13/2022 | Comedy | Situation
Jerome, 35, is a yacht salesman in Nice. But if you listen to him, in his spare time Jerome is also an astronaut, a karate world champion and a close friend of Miss Universe. As a matter of fact Jerome is a compulsive liar: he lies to everyone about everything! No one believes him, but that doesn’t prevent him from accumulating more lies. But one day Jerome wakes up to find out that all his lies have come true... and it’s just the beginning of the troubles ...!

For Better And For Worse

Movie | France | 02/15/2023 | Comedy
Jean has been the conservative mayor of a small town for several years. He intends to run for another term. Edith, his wife, is the paragon of the traditional devoted housewife and mother. So it comes as quite a shock when she tells her husband of forty years that deep down, she has always been... A MAN! Totally blindsided, Jean didn't see this coming. For a politician campaigning on family values, this is too much! But Edith, still the loving wife, make a deal with him: she will postpone her transition and stay a woman until after the elections. But as we know, campaigns are all about digging up dirt to keep the rumor mill turning

Spoiled Brats

Movie | France | 09/15/2021 | Netflix | Comedy | Satira
The billionaire is tired of the whims of his own children and decides to teach them a lesson. He announces to them that he has become bankrupt. Now spoiled teenagers will have to do what they have never done: go to work, learn to love and value life.

Brutus vs César

Movie | France | 09/18/2020 | Amazon | Comedy | Ancient Rome
Faced with the tyranny of Caesar who acts as absolute master over Rome, Senators Rufus and Cassius form a plot to assassinate him.

The Biggest Fan

Movie | France | 05/18/2022 | Comedy
Gérard Lanvin has an important role in a new blockbuster! Filming is about to begin in the South of France. On site, he meets Momo Zapareto, the pool boy at the house he is renting for the duration or the shoot. But Momo is a fan, a big fan… an uberfan! He has seen all his films and is soon doing all he can to make himself indispensable to his idol and the technical crew. For Gérard, the nightmare has just begun…

Apaches: Gang of Paris

Movie | France | 03/29/2023 | Action
1900. From Montmartre to Belleville, Paris is in the hands of ultra-violent gangs that reign terror on the capital: the Apaches. Ready to do anything to avenge the death of her brother, a young woman joins a gang. But the closer she gets to the man she wants to eliminate, the more fascinated she becomes by him.

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