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The Five Juanas
The Five Juanas

The Five Juanas Similar TV Shows

TV Show | Mexico | 10/06/2021 | Drama | Revenge
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Five women with the same birthmark set out to unravel the truth about their pasts and discover a tragic web of lies spun by a powerful politician.
Sofia Engberg, White Vega, Renata Notni, Juanita Arias, Oka Giner
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Pact of Silence

TV Show | Spain | 10/11/2023 | Netflix | Drama | Revenge
A big-time social media influencer plunges headfirst into the lives of four women fueled by a thirst for the truth about her birth — and revenge.

AlRawabi School for Girls

TV Show | Jordan | 08/12/2021 | Netflix | Drama | Revenge
The story of how a bullied girl gets revenge on her bullies, only to find out that no one is all bad, and no one is all good, including herself.

Zwei Seiten des Abgrunds

TV Show | Germany | 05/08/2023 | Drama | Revenge
Police officer Luise Berg heads for an inevitable catastrophe after her daughter’s murderer is released early from prison. A psychologically complex game of confusion begins in which the boundaries of guilt and innocence, perpetrators and victims, law and justice are constantly blurred.


TV Show | Lebanon | 04/13/2021 | Drama | Revenge
Seeking revenge, a woman goes to the village where her brother was killed, but her ride becomes bumpy when she finds herself falling in love.

Death and Nightingales

TV Show | United Kingdom | 11/28/2018 | Drama | Revenge
An epic tale of love, betrayal, deception, and revenge set in the beautiful, haunting countryside of Fermanagh in the North of Ireland in 1885.

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures

TV Show | China | 12/31/2019 | Drama | Revenge
A determined Qing dynasty princess contends with palace intrigue and a vendetta against her family while navigating the treacherous terrain of romance.

Dark Desire

TV Show | Mexico | 07/15/2020 | Netflix | Drama | Relationship
Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion, ends in tragedy and leads her to question the truth about those close to her.

Control Z

TV Show | Mexico | 05/22/2020 | Netflix | Drama | Teens
When a hacker begins releasing students' secrets to the entire high school, the socially isolated but observant Sofía works to uncover his/her identity.

El Chapo

TV Show | Mexico | 04/23/2017 | Netflix | Drama | Drug Cartel
A look at the life of notorious drug kingpin, El Chapo, from his early days in the 1980s working for the Guadalajara Cartel, to his rise to power of during the '90s and his ultimate downfall in 2016.


TV Show | Mexico | 09/13/2019 | Netflix | Drama | Heist
After 20 years, Ana María returns to Mexico and vies for control of her family's tequila empire as it threatens to crumble under corruption and secrets.


TV Show | Mexico | 02/28/2020 | Netflix | Drama | Road Trip
A group of friends set out on a road trip when an unexpected fourth passenger forces an abrupt change of plans.


TV Show | Mexico | 03/24/2017 | Netflix | Drama | Politics
The First Lady of Mexico has big plans to improve conditions for the country. As she starts to lose faith in her husband, President Diego Nava, she finds herself at a crossroad where she will need to find a way to deal with a great challenge.

The Surrogacy

TV Show | Mexico | 06/14/2023 | Netflix | Drama | Social Issues
When a woman of humble origins is coerced into surrogacy, she becomes entangled with an affluent family who will protect their reputation at all costs.

Alias J.J.

TV Show | Mexico | 02/08/2017 | Drama | Prison
As the Medellín Cartel crumbles, Pablo Escobar's No. 1 hit man struggles to stay alive and gain respect in the prison hierarchy.

Las viudas de los jueves

TV Show | Mexico | 09/14/2023 | Netflix | Drama | Murder
Teresa finds her husband and his two best friends dead in the lavish community where they live. As the truth comes to light, so will dark secrets.

Against the Ropes

TV Show | Mexico | 01/25/2023 | Netflix | Drama | Dramedy
They say being a woman is all a business and maybe it's true. We are complicated, complex and we look at life differently, exactly what Carolina Rivera captures in 'On the ropes', the new Netflix series that 'unmasks' life's struggles and puts the subject of motherhood on the agenda.
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