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TV Show | Poland | 03/25/2020 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
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The town is shocked with a brutal double murder. The Courier hands the case to an experienced journalist - Witold Wanycz. At the same time, he learns about the mysterious suicide of two teenagers. Together with Piotr, a young journalist, they start their own investigation.
Andrzej Seweryn, Dawid Ogrodnik, Magdalena Walach, Zofia Wichłacz, Ireneusz Czop, Piotr Fronczewski, Wojciech Machnicki
Jan Holoubek, Michal Marczak
rotten tomatoes

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Mare of Easttown

TV Show | United States | 04/18/2021 | HBO | Crime | Murder
A detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigates a local murder while trying to keep her life from falling apart.


TV Show | Denmark | 09/29/2021 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
At a grisly murder scene sits a figurine made of chestnuts. From this creepy clue, two detectives hunt a killer linked to a politician's missing child.

The Unlikely Murderer

TV Show | Sweden | 11/05/2021 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
After the assassination of prime minister Olof Palme in 1986, Stig Engström managed to elude justice right up to his death through a combination of audacity, luck, and a perplexed police force.

The Alienist

TV Show | United States | 01/22/2018 | Crime | Murder
New York, 1896. Police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt brings together criminal psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, newspaper illustrator John Moore and secretary Sara Howard to investigate several murders of male prostitutes.

El inocente

TV Show | Spain | 04/30/2021 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
An accidental killing leads a man down a dark hole of intrigue and murder. Just as he finds love and freedom, one phone call brings back the nightmare.

The Bridge

TV Show | Sweden | 09/21/2011 | Crime | Murder
When a body is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the border, Danish inspector Martin Rohde and Swedish Saga Norén have to share jurisdiction and work together to find the killer.

American Crime Story

TV Show | United States | 02/02/2016 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
An anthology series centered around some of history's most famous criminal investigations.

The Valhalla Murders

TV Show | Iceland | 12/26/2019 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
An Oslo detective with a painful past returns to his native Iceland to help a dedicated cop hunt a serial killer with a link to a mysterious photo.


TV Show | Poland | 10/10/2018 | Netflix | Crime | Murder

Sharp Objects

TV Show | United States | 07/08/2018 | HBO | Crime | Murder
Reporter Camille Preaker confronts the psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls.

The Killing

TV Show | Denmark | 01/07/2007 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
The Killing is a Danish police procedural set in the Copenhagen main police department and revolves around Detective Inspector Sarah Lund and her team, with each season series following a different murder case day-by-day and a one-hour episode covering twenty-four hours of the investigation. The series is noted for its plot twists, season-long storylines, dark tone and for giving equal emphasis to the story of the murdered victim's family alongside the police investigation. It has also been singled out for the photography of its Danish setting, and for the acting ability of its cast.

The Sinner

TV Show | United States | 08/02/2017 | Crime | Murder
A young mother kills a stranger in a fit of unexplainable rage. An inquisitive detective obsesses over the case, attempting to get to the bottom of the true motive behind the act.

True Detective

TV Show | United States | 01/12/2014 | HBO | Crime | Murder
An American anthology police detective series utilizing multiple timelines in which investigations seem to unearth personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within or outside the law.


TV Show | United States | 04/15/2014 | Crime | Murder
A close-knit anthology series dealing with stories involving malice, violence and murder based in and around Minnesota.


TV Show | Sweden | 04/05/2019 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
After a tragedy at a school sends shock waves through a wealthy Stockholm suburb, a seemingly well-adjusted teen finds herself on trial for murder.


TV Show | Czech Republic | 03/31/2019 | Crime | Murder

Zone Blanche

TV Show | France | 03/09/2017 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
In the small bordertown of Villefranche, lost in the heart of a large forest, crime rate is six times higher than elsewhere in the area. Each new crime Major Laurene Weiss solves with the help of her unusual team makes her sink deeper and deeper into secrets of the area.

The Frankenstein Chronicles

TV Show | United Kingdom | 11/11/2015 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
Inspector John Marlott investigates a series of crimes in 19th Century London, which may have been committed by a scientist intent on re-animating the dead.


TV Show | Czech Republic | 01/01/2018 | Crime | Murder
Although Czech republic is country free of rabbies, some cases of infected animals appear near one of villages in Sumava region. Virologist Pavel Rogl, that is in his thirties, has task to inspect the situation, supervise the vaccination and find the source of infection. He is also charged to elaborate an expertise for team of police detectives, that are investigating mysterious double homicide. It is possible, that murders are connected to infection. Is it a human murderer, or big beast that escaped?


TV Show | United Kingdom | 03/04/2013 | Crime | Murder
The murder of a young boy in a small coastal town brings a media frenzy, which threatens to tear the community apart.

Five Days

TV Show | United Kingdom | 01/23/2007 | HBO | Crime | Murder
Thriller series which tracks five 24-hour periods in a police investigation.


TV Show | United States | 01/22/2018 | HBO | Crime | Murder
Explore the psychological underpinnings of love and murder in a small mountain resort town while following popular children’s book author and illustrator Olivia Lake, whose literary success makes her a local celebrity in the tight-knit community.


TV Show | United Kingdom | 02/02/2018 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
In 1994, a toddler disappeared from a small Welsh village, never to be seen again. 23 years later, in London, the mother of rising cello star Matilda Gray commits suicide, without apparent reason. Among her possessions, Matilda discovers tantalising evidence, linking her mother to the Welsh girl's disappearance all those years ago.


TV Show | Czech Republic | 10/30/2016 | HBO | Crime | Murder
When Hana Sikorova, mayor of a northern Bohemian village, stands up to a large coal mining concern that offers villagers large compensation in exchange for abandoning their houses built on land containing brown coal deposits, her fourteen year old daughter Misha disappears. The search for her daughter makes Hana suspicious of the whole community, after years of peaceful coexistence. Under the pressure of unfolding events, the community starts to fall apart and show its true face. Solving the mystery divides the story into several interweaving narratives that ultimately connect in unexpected ways.


TV Show | Czech Republic | 08/31/2015 | Crime | Murder
Finding the body of the regional politician Karas, killed in the spirit of medieval torture and carefully arranged in a strange scene, unleash police hunt for a sadistic perpetrator. He puts investigation team in the way of a complex series of murders that shake the local region and criminologists themselves.

The Night Of

TV Show | United States | 07/10/2016 | HBO | Crime | Murder
After a night of partying with a female stranger, a man wakes up to find her stabbed to death and is charged with her murder.

The Name of the Rose

TV Show | Italy | 03/04/2019 | Crime | Murder
Northern Italy, 1327. The Franciscan monk William of Baskerville and his young apprentice Adso of Melk reach an isolated Benedictine abbey on the Alps to aid in a dispute between the Franciscan Order and the Avignon papacy. Upon arrival at the abbey, the two find themselves involved in a chain of mysterious deaths.

Diamond City

TV Show | South Africa | 01/01/2019 | Crime | Murder

Delhi Crime

TV Show | India | 03/22/2019 | Netflix | Crime | Murder
As Delhi reels in the aftermath of a gang rape, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi leads a painstaking search for the culprits. Based on the 2012 Nirbhaya case.

Modré stíny

TV Show | Czech Republic | 02/28/2016 | Crime | Murder

The Woods

TV Show | Poland | 06/12/2020 | Netflix | Crime | Disapperance
Paul Copeland is looking to solve the murder of his sister back in 1994.

Belle Epoque

TV Show | Poland | 02/15/2017 | Crime | Historical
Krakow, 1908. Jan Edigey-Korycki is employed by the police department to solve murder cases. He is also investigating a fatal duel in which he supposedly killed a man ten years earlier.

Zasada przyjemności

TV Show | Poland | 06/09/2019 | Crime | Crime Drama


TV Show | Poland | 10/02/2016 | Crime | Murder
The death of a young girl shakes the local community. At the same time Dobrowicach appears Paul Zawadzki. Who is? Why a teacher from a reputable school in Warsaw and takes a job in the country? Paul begins his own investigation. In the face of crime there is no room for half-truths. However, although we all here know and they know everything about each other, Paul, no one will say. Belfer is left alone.


TV Show | Poland | 10/25/2017 | Netflix | Crime | Crime Drama
An online community of amateur sleuths use technology to solve crimes -- and make quirky friends -- in their quest for justice.

The Pact

TV Show | Poland | 11/08/2015 | Crime | Corruption
Piotr Grodecki is an investigative journalist uncovering corruption and scandals at the highest levels of government.
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