Pirate Gold of Adak Island
Pirate Gold of Adak Island

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TV Show | United States | 06/29/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
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Will this expert team unearth legendary pirate treasure? Follow the hunt for buried gold amid the harsh Alaskan wilderness in this documentary series.
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The Most Hated Man on the Internet

TV Show | United States | 07/27/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
Determined to remove her daughter's photos from a revenge porn website, a persistent mother launches an online crusade to shut down its cruel founder.

How To with John Wilson

TV Show | United States | 10/23/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Society
In a uniquely hilarious odyssey of self-discovery and cultural observation, documentary filmmaker and self-described “anxious New Yorker” John Wilson covertly and obsessively films the lives of his fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give everyday advice on relatable topics. The awkward contradictions of modern life are eased by Wilson’s candid, unpolished commentary. Building upon Wilson’s previously released “how to” short films, each episode takes wildly unexpected turns but is grounded in John’s refreshing honesty.

Immigration Nation

TV Show | United States | 08/03/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
With unprecedented access to ICE operations, as well as moving portraits of immigrants, this docuseries takes a deep look at U.S. immigration today.

History of Swear Words

TV Show | United States | 01/05/2021 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
This proudly profane series explores the history and impact of some of the most notorious bad words in the English language.

Q: Into the Storm

TV Show | United States | 03/21/2021 | HBO | Documentary | Society
A six-part documentary series that dives into the conspiracy theory that has rocked and riveted the U.S. political sphere for the past few years.


TV Show | United States | 06/05/2020 | Apple | Documentary | Society
An inventive and cinematic approach to biographies of the most iconic figures in society today by using letters written by those whose lives have been changed through their work.

Amend: The Fight for America

TV Show | United States | 02/17/2021 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
When the United States of America was founded, the ideals of freedom and equality did not apply to all people. These are the stories of the brave Americans who fought to right the nation’s wrongs and enshrine the values we hold most dear into the Constitution — with liberty and justice for all.

Weird Weekends

TV Show | United Kingdom | 01/15/1998 | Documentary | Society
Louis Theroux which delves into the weirder fringes of American society.

Growing Up

TV Show | United States | 09/08/2022 | Disney+ | Documentary | Society
A hybrid docu-series exploring the challenges, triumphs, and complexities of adolescence told through ten compelling coming of age stories.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

TV Show | United States | 11/12/2019 | Disney+ | Documentary | Society
Through the prism of Jeff Goldblum's always inquisitive and highly entertaining mind, nothing is as it seems. Each episode is centered around something we all love — like sneakers or ice cream — as Jeff pulls the thread on these deceptively familiar objects and unravels a wonderful world of astonishing connections, fascinating science and history, amazing people, and a whole lot of surprising big ideas and insights.

Love on the Spectrum

TV Show | Australia | 11/19/2019 | Documentary | Society
Seven singles take their first steps into the world of dating; this uplifting four-part documentary follows young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the unpredictable world of love and relationships.

The 2000s

TV Show | United States | 07/08/2018 | Documentary | Society
Explore the cultural and political milestones of the 2000s decade, including technological triumphs like the iPhone and social media, President George W. Bush’s war on terror and response to Hurricane Katrina, Barack Obama’s presidential election and the financial crisis, hip-hop’s rise to dominance and a creative renaissance in television.

Human Playground

TV Show | United States | 09/30/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
Narrated by Idris Elba, this docuseries explores the origins and evolution of play across the globe, from age-old rituals to billion-dollar businesses.

The Anarchists

TV Show | United States | 07/10/2022 | HBO | Documentary | Society
Unfolding over six years, what begins as an impulsive one-off gathering turns into an ever-growing annual event attracting sponsorship from crypto-currency companies and featuring speakers such as Ron Paul and BitCoin investor Roger Ver. And when rule-avoidant freedom activists come together in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, utopian ideology collides with the unpredictability of human nature.

Forever Summer: Hamptons

TV Show | United States | 07/14/2022 | Amazon | Documentary | Society
Hampton locals Avery, Frankie, Habtamu, Reid, Emelye, Hunter and Juliet have their eyes set on having the best summer of their lives, but tides change when city newcomer Ilan moves out there for the summer. Will Ilan make friends, or waves while trying to fit in? Can lifelong friendships survive the rough seas ahead? Pack your sunscreen, this summer is the hottest one yet!

The Vow

TV Show | United States | 08/23/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Society
The docuseries follows people deeply involved in the group NXIVM — which is faced with various charges, including sex trafficking and racketeering conspiracy — over the course of several years.


TV Show | United States | 09/08/2022 | Apple | Documentary | Society
Take an unforgettable journey with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as they go on adventures with some of the world’s boldest and bravest women—from household names to unsung heroes—who make us laugh and inspire us to be more gutsy.


TV Show | United Kingdom | 08/02/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
Science journalist Latif Nasser investigates the surprising and intricate ways in which we are connected to each other, the world and the universe.

Money, Explained

TV Show | United States | 05/11/2021 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
We spend it, we borrow it, and save it. Now let's talk about money and its many minefields, from credit cards to casino, scammers to student loans.

Marching Orders

TV Show | United States | 08/03/2018 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
Regarded as the nations best, Bethune-Cookman University's marching band always has a lot at stake. In Stage 13 Original MARCHING ORDERS, meet the incoming class trying to keep the legacy alive and the seniors who make sure they do. Led by band director Donovan The Devil Wells, the Wildcats take it to the field every performance, risking college scholarships and national fame every time.

Black and Missing

TV Show | United States | 11/23/2021 | HBO | Documentary | Society
Sisters-in-law and Black and Missing Foundation founders Derrica and Natalie Wilson fight an uphill battle to bring awareness to the Black missing persons cases that are marginalized by law enforcement and national media.

Expecting Amy

TV Show | United States | 07/09/2020 | HBO | Documentary | Society
Behind-the-scenes as Schumer goes through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while touring to prepare for a stand-up special.

The '80s: Top Ten

TV Show | United States | 01/01/2022 | Documentary | Society
Pop culture icon Rob Lowe takes viewers down memory lane with six entertaining and thought-provoking top 10 countdowns of 1980s pop culture, as voted by a panel of experts.

Made by Design

TV Show | Nigeria | 01/01/2021 | Documentary | Society
Architects, interior designers and other creatives share their process and offer insight into the paths they took to achieve career success.

Through Our Eyes

TV Show | United States | 07/22/2021 | HBO | Documentary | Society
Showcases the perspectives of children as they experience challenging issues facing families today including homelessness, parental incarceration, military caregiving, and climate displacement.

Glimpses of a Future

TV Show | United States | 01/01/2020 | Documentary | Society
This docuseries celebrates the virtual collaborations between a group of artists, dancers and writers from around the world during the pandemic.

The Survivors: Colonia Dignidad

TV Show | Chile | 09/29/2022 | Documentary | Society
The series explores the hidden truths behind the idyllic German-themed amusement park once home to Nazis, torture chambers, extreme medical experiments, and Chile's most dangerous cult. Colonia Dignidad ('Dignity Colony') was a unique case in the world. It was a sect and an evil empire based upon sexual abuse and exploitation.

Mormon No More

TV Show | United States | 06/24/2022 | Hulu | Documentary | Society
Follow the inspirational journey of Sal and Lena as they navigate their way out of the church, out of their marriages, and into their authentic selves - all while co-parenting seven kids with their ex-husbands. Their story intertwines with others in the LGBTQ+ community trying to reconcile their identity with the church's prohibitive doctrine on same-sex relationships. Together these voices carry us through romantic, intimate, and revealing window into a community that teaches us about acceptance, empathy, and the power of living your truth.

The Choe Show

TV Show | United States | 06/25/2021 | Documentary | Society
Renowned artist David Choe turns his eccentric, compassionate and disruptive worldview into a lens for an audience to experience a radical empathy for others. Through art and play, he takes guests on a journey of shared emotional experience.

Nevenka: Breaking the Silence

TV Show | Spain | 03/05/2021 | Netflix | Documentary | Society
The story of the first sexual harassment case in Spain was a scandal. Nevenka Fernández, its protagonist, discusses it in this documentary.

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields

TV Show | United States | 11/29/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Serial killer
An overgrown field and a stretch of highway connect a series of grisly murders spanning several decades as grieving families search for answers.

Killer Sally

TV Show | United States | 11/02/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Crime
Interviews with friends, family and Sally McNeil herself chart a bodybuilding couple’s rocky marriage — and its shocking end in a Valentine's Day murder.

Unsolved Mysteries

TV Show | United States | 07/01/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Murder
Real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series.

Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes

TV Show | United States | 10/07/2022 | Netflix | Documentary | Crime
Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer confesses to his gruesome crimes in unguarded interviews, offering an unsettling view into a disturbed mind.

Tiger King

TV Show | United States | 03/20/2020 | Netflix | Documentary | Crime
A zoo owner spirals out of control amid a cast of eccentric characters in this true murder-for-hire story from the underworld of big cat breeding.


TV Show | United States | 09/28/2022 | HBO | Documentary | Politics
On November 4, 1979, Iranian student activists stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking over 60 Americans hostage. What was planned as a 48-hour sit-in to protest American imperialism, ballooned into an international crisis and 24/7 media event that would last 444 days. With never-before-seen archival footage and revelatory new interviews with the American hostages and Iranian hostage-takers alike, the series is a gripping chronicle of one of the most dramatic international deadlocks in American history, a deep dive into the geo-political history that led to the crisis, and an exploration of the political fallout that reverberates today.
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