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Castle and Castle

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TV Show | Nigeria | 07/01/2018 | Drama | Lawyers
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Castle & Castle is a law series that follows the story of a married couple, ‘Remi Castle’ and her husband ‘Tega’ – two lawyers who run a successful practice in Lagos. They met 20 years ago when he taught her in law school.
Richard Mofe-Damijo, Dakore Egbuson-Akande
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TV Show | United States | 06/23/2011 | Drama | Lawyers
While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young college-dropout, slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory.

The Billion Dollar Code

TV Show | Germany | 10/07/2021 | Netflix | Drama | Lawyers
How stupid is the idea of ??messing with a global corporation? Two German computer nerds tried it out for you. Trillion dollar code, based on a true story, on Netflix October 7th.


TV Show | United States | 07/24/2007 | Drama | Lawyers
Damages is an American legal thriller television series created by the writing and production trio of Daniel Zelman and brothers Glenn and Todd A. Kessler. The plot revolves around the brilliant, ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes and her protégée, recent law school graduate Ellen Parsons. Each season features a major case that Hewes and her firm take on, while also examining a chapter of the complicated relationship between Ellen and Patty. The first two seasons center around the law firm Hewes & Associates. Later seasons center more on Patty and Ellen's relationship as Ellen begins to distance herself from Hewes & Associates and begins an independent career.

The Family Court

TV Show | Singapore | 10/08/2008 | Drama | Lawyers
The Family Court is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 1 September 2010 and ended on 1 October 2010. This drama serial consists of 23 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm. The encore is being made from 26 August 2011 to 27 September 2011 at every weekday at 5:30pm.


TV Show | United Kingdom | 04/04/2011 | Drama | Lawyers
Justice is a British legal drama starring Robert Pugh as Judge Patrick Coburn. The first episode was originally broadcast on 4 April 2011 on BBC One.

Proven Innocent

TV Show | United States | 02/15/2019 | Drama | Lawyers
Madeline Scott, a fierce and uncompromising lawyer with a hunger for justice, runs an underdog criminal defense firm. There is no one who understands the power of setting an innocent person free more than Madeline. At age 18, she was wrongfully convicted, along with her brother, in a sensational murder case. Madeline defends others as she fights to maintain her innocence and searches for the real killer in her own case.


TV Show | Australia | 11/04/2010 | Drama | Lawyers
Rake is an Australian television series, produced by Essential Media and Entertainment, that first aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ABC1 in 2010. It stars Richard Roxburgh as rake Cleaver Greene, a brilliant but self-destructive Sydney barrister. The show airs in the United States on DirecTV's Audience Network. The second season began on 6 September 2012. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has also renewed the show for a third season Each episode entails Greene defending a different client. The Fox Network in the USA has commissioned an American version of Rake, starring Greg Kinnear as the lead character, renamed Keegan Deane for American audiences.

The Twelve

TV Show | Belgium | 11/03/2019 | Netflix | Drama | Lawyers
Twelve ordinary people are called for jury duty for a murder case as traumatizing as it is controversial: the respected headmistress Fri Palmers stands accused of two murders, one of whom is her own child. Gradually, as the trial gains momentum, it is not only Fri’s fate that hangs in the balance, but also the lives of the jury members that are shaken to the core.

Miss Hammurabi

TV Show | South Korea | 05/21/2018 | Drama | Lawyers
Park Cha O Reum works as a rookie judge. She is in her mid-20's and follows an eye for an eye principle. She does not accept prejudice or blindly follow authority. Dealing with cases, she and her colleagues, including Im Ba-Reun, grow as persons.


TV Show | United Arab Emirates | 01/21/2019 | Drama | Lawyers
Defying pressure to join her father's firm, a determined young lawyer strikes out on her own and fights to maintain faith in Abu Dhabi's justice system.


TV Show | Czech Republic | Drama | Lawyers

Justice in the City

TV Show | Singapore | 01/01/2012 | Drama | Lawyers
Repeatedly on opposite sides of civil cases, two lawyers fall in love outside the courtroom, but circumstances hinder their romance from blossoming.

Burden of Truth

TV Show | Canada | 01/10/2018 | Drama | Lawyers
A big city lawyer returns to her hometown to take the case of a group of girls suffering from a mysterious illness.

Judge vs. Judge

TV Show | South Korea | 11/22/2017 | Drama | Lawyers
Judge Lee Jung-Joo presides at the Seoul District Court. She sometimes swears at shameless defendants with unspeakable words. Judge Sa Ui-Hyun is assigned to the judgement bench with Judge Lee Jung-Joo. Sa Ui-Hyun is well known for his excellent use of the law and his conscience to reach verdicts. Lee Jung-Joo fights against a huge power who framed her older brother for murder and killed him.

The Smart Money Woman

TV Show | Nigeria | 11/30/2020 | Drama | Dramedy
Meet Zuri. She's living a fabulous life. Great car, gorgeous apartment, well paid job. Meet Zuri. Broken down car, an apartment she cant afford, a job she's about to lose. What's a broke girl to do. With her best friends Tami (the flighty fashion designer), Lara (the tough oil and gas executive), Adesuwa (the conservative lawyer), and Ladun (the fabulous housewife), Zuri grows a little, learns a lot and navigates her way to making better financial decisions and building wealth. This show tackles, debt, spending, the consumerist culture of the African middle class, the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures and the roles they play in success. With each episode comes a Smart Money Lesson, there to help you work your way up the financial ladder.

King of Boys: The Return of the King

TV Show | Nigeria | 08/27/2021 | Netflix | Drama | Crime Drama
Alhaja Enola Salami starts again, setting her sights on another position of power, fueled by revenge, regret and ruthlessness.

The Governor

TV Show | Nigeria | 01/01/2016 | Drama | Politics


TV Show | Nigeria | 07/27/2017 | Drama | Relationship
Set in the ever-bustling and vibrant mega city of Lagos, the series follows the lives of four women (Tola, Elizabeth, Kate and Maria) who are forced to take mid-life inventories, as ambition and betrayal threaten their relationships.

On the Real

TV Show | Nigeria | 01/01/2017 | Drama | Dramedy
A group of reality stars transitions into their newly achieved fame while dealing with the demands of an obnoxious TV executive and their regular lives.

Crazy, Lovely, Cool

TV Show | Nigeria | 01/01/2018 | Drama | Teens
For a group of charismatic undergraduates, the jolting revelations from a campus blog turn surviving university life into a serious matter.
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