Camilo: El Primer Tour de Mi Vida
Camilo: El Primer Tour de Mi Vida

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Movie | United States | 11/18/2022 | HBO Max | Music | Musicians
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In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic crushed Camilo’s dreams of performing live in front of his growing number of fans, which he affectionately calls “La Tribu.” In 2021, Camilo launched his first world tour, opening in Spain, featuring special appearances by artists like Fito y Los Fitipaldis, Dani Martín, Mau y Ricky, Pablo Alborán, and Nicky Nicole. This concert special and documentary follows the behind-the-scenes moments of those magical shows, and offers a window into the artist’s intimate life, sharing special moments with his partner and fellow artist and director Evaluna Montaner.
Camilo, Evaluna Montaner
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