Squid Game is leaving a huge mark all over the place

Squid Game is leaving a huge mark all over the place
Korean drama is slowly descending through the top ten but will its unbelievable record ever be beaten?

One billion 650 million 450 thousand. Or 1 650 450 000. That is how many hours of Squid Game people watched through the first 28 days since the show was released. Mind-boggling figure that can’t be matched by anything else on Netflix. Much buzzed first season of Lupin made 625 million hours in the same time frame and the return of Money Heist (Part 4), very anticipated at the time, reached 619 million. Even one of the biggest flagships, Stranger Things, had “just” 582 million hours at the time of the Season 3 release (mind you, back then Netflix reached considerably fewer viewers than it does today).

Squid Game was the most-viewed show on Netflix in November, followed by acclaimed Arcane, the third season of You and Maid. Fellow Korean drama, Hellbound, was sixth, but last week it already went to global number 1 position, only to be knocked over by the premiere of Lost in Space Season 3. Do not expect another month-long winner though, because The Witcher, Emily in Paris, and Cobra Kai are just around the corner. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the realm of VOD. And that makes Squid Game’s long stint (on average about 11 weeks in regional Top 10 TV Shows charts) even more special.

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