Spanish rom-com Through My Window goes through the roof

Spanish rom-com Through My Window goes through the roof
Weekly Netflix ratings are in. Through My Window is on track to take away the crown for the most viewed Non-English Netflix Original of all time.

Forbidden love is a timeless topic. Raquel's longtime crush on her next-door neighbour turns into something more when he starts developing feelings for her, despite his family's objections. That is a plot of a Spanish movie Through My Window that got released on February 4th but really caught fire with Valentine’s Day. Now it is number 4 globally and according to Netflix’s official stats, it got 67.5 million viewed hours in just 10 days. That’s huge if you consider Non-English Netflix Originals. With this pace, Through My Window is looking to be a reigning champion soon.

Valentine's Day’s rom-coms usually go high and then crash hard in the following days, but Spanish movie is already ahead of some serious competition. There are actually only three movies that have better ratings and two of them are also Spanish. The third most viewed Non-English original in the chart is the Spanish thriller Below Zero with 78.3 million viewed hours in the first 28 days and then there’s Spanish horror The Platform having 108 million viewed hours in the same time frame. The crown as of now belongs to the German-speaking coproduction Blood Red Sky with 110.5 million hours viewed. It is a number that can be achieved and Through My Window has more than two weeks left to do it. Stay tuned…

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