Did You Google Your Movies in 2021?

Did You Google Your Movies in 2021?
How do you search for movies on the internet? Through the most popular search engine, of course. We ran franchises, movies, and TV shows through our metrics to decide what was the most searched movie IP in 2021.

You would think that Google will be pretty good to measure the demand for movies and TV shows. And you would be 100 % right because the most searched term connected to movie-related intellectual property was in fact Harry Potter. There is some cross-search with books, theatre plays, or simply just the name of the titular hero, but Harry Potter movies were some of the most viewed titles not only on HBO but on TVOD as well plus there was an anticipated reunion special. Harry Potter was on the top of the search inquiries all year long together with Halloween. The awaited comeback of Michael Myers was undoubtedly striking some extra points because people were googling the older movies, which there are many, and the Halloween (the holiday) itself.

Third place belongs to Pokémon, which is a phenomenon far outreaching the movieland, with the videogame craze and everything that ties into it. In fourth and fifth place, we find Venom and Mortal Kombat, which is a huge win for the videogame franchise, beating even the mighty Godzilla in sixth place. What follows? Star Wars and Iron Man, maybe the most treasured possessions of Walt Disney Studio right now. Then there are children’s bestsellers Barbie and Paw Patrol, in-between Avengers, Suicide Squad, or Fast and Furious, which ends just outside the top ten. Wonder Woman and Thor are surprisingly high in the rankings, above James Bond, Superman, Hulk, Aquaman, or Black Panther. Click on the link below to see many more interesting outcomes, like John Wick slightly outnumbering The Matrix in the Google search ratings.

The Most Popular Titles on Google in 2021
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