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What 'Squid Game' gets right and wrong about Pakistani migrant workers

One of the characters in the global Netflix hit is Ali Abdul, a Pakistani migrant working (and exploited) in South Korea. Pakistanis are…

'My Name', el nuevo K Drama que planea dominar Netflix y el mundo, ¿de qué trata?

'My Name' es el nombre del nuevo potencial K Drama que podría dominar Netflix y desbancar a 'El Juego del Calamar' en las…

Netflix Has Another Potential Winner In K-Drama 'My Name' After Roaring Success Of 'Squid Game'

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) is scheduled to kickstart the digital media earnings with its third-quarter report on Tuesday. Expectations…

"Squid Game": Das steckt hinter dem Netflix-Phänomen aus Südkorea

Die südkoreanische Serie "Squid Game" entwickelt sich derzeit weltweit zu einem absoluten Überraschungshit und könnte zu einer der…

Netflix史上最大の人気作に? 『イカゲーム』世界的大ヒット現象の理由を読み解く(リアルサウンド) - Yahoo!ニュース


Squid Game domineert wereldwijd op Netflix

Squid Game is de nieuwste hitsensatie van Netflix en gezien het game-achtige thema is het overduidelijk waarom.

The One Show Everyone Is Watching on Netflix Right Now

The Netflix TV show that currently reigns as its most popular of all time might just might be replaced by a series that couldn't be…

Fem fakta om «Squid Game»

Den sørkoreanske serien skal være den mest strømmede i verden for øyeblikket. Dette bør du vite om «Squid Game».

Netflix назвал свои самые популярные сериалы

За последние годы на стриминговой платформе Netflix вышло немало фильмов и сериалов, которые полюбились зрителям со всего мира. Их активно…

The making of “Squid Game” and why Pinoys can’t get enough of it

The latest Korean phenom combines high stakes drama with child’s play—and the scent of desperation is hard to resist

Squid Game - 2 sezon. Kiedy mordercza gra wróci na ekrany?

Czy powstanie drugi sezon 'Squid Game'? Serial stał się pierwszym koreańskim dramatem, który znalazł się na szczycie 10 najchętniej…

Cổ phiếu loạt công ty đứng sau phim Squid Game tăng mạnh

Trước đây, thành công của "Ký sinh trùng" (Parasite) cũng đã từng khiến giá cổ phiếu hãng CJ ENM tăng mạnh.

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